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Where can I get an East Brunswick Teeth Cleaning?

When it comes to establishing and maintaining good oral health at any age, the office of Summerhill Dental Excellence is an exceptional resource for care. From the treatment of dental emergencies with the utmost precision, to the continued preventive care so integral to sustaining the beauty and vitality of your smile, you can trust us with all your general, family, and cosmetic dentistry needs. Highly experienced in a wide range of advanced dental services, Dr. Roger Lerner is equipped to address a wide spectrum of oral healthcare needs. Whether your children are due for their back to school checkup and East Brunswick teeth cleaning, or it’s been a while since you last had an oral exam, we warmly welcome you to come and share your smile at our office.

East Brunswick Teeth Cleaning

According to the latest research from the American Dental Association, maintaining great oral health goes a step beyond the daily brushing and flossing you already do at home. While a consistent oral care regimen at home is the frontline of defense against the development of dental disease, our office will help to optimize your oral care regimen by providing you with routine preventive care. Dr. Lerner encourages patients to schedule checkups every six months so that he can routinely monitor the health of your gums, teeth, and jaws. Patients of all ages benefit from semi-annual checkups, and can expect to receive the personalized attention that their unique smiles require. In addition to an oral examination, you’ll benefit from a professional East Brunswick teeth cleaning and the gentle removal of any plaque buildup that has escaped your reach. With the cleanliness of your mouth fully restored, dental disease won’t have as much of a chance to develop during the months to follow. In fact, with the help of your dentist and a consistent oral care regimen at home, you can almost entirely prevent cavities and gum disease!

When it comes to your oral health, we could all stand to benefit from the oversight of a professional. To schedule your next checkup and East Brunswick teeth cleaning, give us a call today!

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